Sunday, July 22, 2012

When Progressive Doctors Kill

Same goals: terror and control.

Same kill location preference: gun-free zones.

Different tools:  sometimes guns.

What will happen in the aftermath of the Aurora Colorado shooting?

1) Will liberals get the conservative gun-control laws that will lead to only criminals with guns?

2) Or will conservatives get the liberal adjustments to concealed carry laws to reduce the number of gun-free zones?

One increases the frequency of mass-shootings, the other is a solution.

We have nothing else to say.  At least not yet...

Here are links to our posts after the Virginia Tech shooting and the Fort Hood shooting.

If you want to explore this further, we suggest Oleg at The People's Cube:

Why is it that in the previous decades, when life was tougher, guns were just as available, and the ratio of mental disorders was about the same, mass shootings were unheard of? Some would say that those people had not yet been corrupted by moral relativism, desensitized by Hollywood's fantasy violence and glorification of crime, nor addicted to gory point-and-shoot videogames. All valid points - yet one major reason for this hardly gets any notice. I mean, of course, the dehumanizing effect of the so-called "progressive" education.

The truth is that the radical "progressive" ideology (a broad term embracing many offshoots of Marxism) dehumanizes people more effectively than any violent point-and-shoot video game ever could. It pits various groups of people against one another by cultivating envy and grievances that are mostly imaginary and second-hand. In the politically correct book of "progress," man is no longer judged by the content of his character - but by the color of his skin, class, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other secondary attribute. The trick is that when a secondary attribute becomes the primary one, man loses his unique individuality and becomes a mere social function, a drone in a collective, a peg in the machine, a sacrificial animal on the altar of "progress."

"Progressivism" remains more or less benign as long the nation on which exists like a parasite remains wealthy. But as soon as the wealth is squandered and there are no surpluses left to redistribute, human sacrifice begins.


Hat owner, Wild Bill, chimes in on gun free zones:

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