Monday, July 02, 2012


Zero Hedge has its finger on Europe's economic pulse with multiple posts each day exposing the statistics of a series of failed economies.

Today they post about the last Communist state in Europe: Moldova.  How does Moldova compare to all the failed socialist states like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain?

ZeroHedge: Go Figure, The Poorest Place In Europe Is Run By Communists

Go Figure, The Poorest Place In Europe Is Run By Communists

Ah Moldova… the poorest country in Europe, which just so happens to have had a Communist party majority in its parliament since 1998.

These two points are not unrelated.

Despite having achieved its independence from the Soviet Union over 20 years ago, the state is still a major part of the Moldovan economy…from setting prices and wages to media, healthcare, agricultural production, air transport, and electricity.

Under such management, it’s no wonder, for example, that Moldova has to import 75% of its electricity. It is the exact opposite of self-sustaining.


Economic freedom… all freedom, really, is not built by passing laws and rules and regulations.

Europe is now taking a dangerous slide back into Communism… or at least steep radicalism. Neo-Nazi parties and openly Marxist politicians are dominating the scene.

This is nothing new. As usual, history is full of lessons from when people have turned to radical figures in tough times.

Go read it in full.

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