Monday, July 16, 2012

Communism: The Theme Emerges

We saw this in 2008 about this time.

The Hammer and Sickle symbols started showing in more and more political cartoons.

The "he's a commie" (Obama & Edwards) and "she's a commie" (Hillary) whispers became loud declarations.

What later was named our Commie Obama Hat was accepted among mainstream conservatives.  Glenn Beck wore it on his CNN show a couple times.  Ann Coulter wore her hat at a CPAC speech.  We were in fear of losing our "activist" label!

Now in 2012, our hat has it's own Facebook page.  Definitely a sign that the hat has lost its edge!

So you can imagine we weren't overly surprised to see these unrelated (?) videos on the topic:

Paul Kengor is coming out with a new book this week called The Communist.  It is a book about Obama's childhood mentor, pedophile and communist Frank Marshall Davis.  Paul explains:

And Congressman, and hat owner, Allen West has chosen to keep the fight in defining his political opponents on the left:

U/T: NiceDeb and Trevor and Moonbattery.

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