Sunday, July 01, 2012

Movie Recommendation - Vampire Hunter

We saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (IMDd) a couple days ago.

It is still fresh in our mind.

It was powerful.

If you don't know your history, you will see a great action movie.

If you know your Civil War history, you will see familiar scenes presented in fantastic quality and with superb accuracy.

If you know Your Lincoln History, you will be amazed at the effort put into the presentation of his courage, character, integrity and judgement.

We saw some blogger state he was not going to go to the movie because he was sick and tired of great American personalities being diluted by Hollywood.  We share those feelings and are happy to vote with our feet in the same manner.

But - that blogger was wrong about this movie.

Take a great man, a great era, and add some fangs to make a fun story, and what you have is a tribute to that great man and era.

We further appreciated the use of a less-than-popular actor.  Benjamin Walker was a fantastic Lincoln!

Can't recommend enough.  There is no doubt we will be watching this again before it leaves the theaters.

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