Friday, July 06, 2012

Jobs Report

Stats in bold and screenshot from Drudge:

Fact:  One third of the 80,000 new jobs created in June were temporary employees.

We remember when the Liberals Progressives Communists said it was the "wrong jobs" when we'd celebrate 4.5 to 4.8 unemployment rates.

Fact:  The unemployment rate today is 8.2%.

Rush has explained for over a year now that Obama and his team of Liberals Progressives Communists believe they can pull off an election victory if the unemployment rate under 8%.  This ignores the actual unemployment rate (U6) of about 14.9% - 1 in 5 working-age citizens is not working now.  The 8% rate only reflects those out of work who are receiving unemployment benefits and are looking for work.

Would we trade Obama's 8.2% rate for Bush's 4.7% rate even if it were the "wrong jobs"?

Fact:  There are 780,000 less women working today under Obama.

Tell us more about the Republican's 'war on women'.

Fact:  Black unemployment rose to 14.4%.

Tell us again why blacks should vote Obama again.

Fact:  Hispanic unemployment remains at 11%.

And why should they vote for Obama?

Obama must to overcome these huge unemployment numbers with FREE STUFF.

His only way to win in his down economy is to promise so much FREE STUFF that these voting groups will rally to his side.

To address the margin of error, Obama and his ilk will have to mix in a hefty serving of class warfare, pull off major voting fraud, and maybe mix in some civil unrest.

This isn't new.  They are trained professionals and have done this many times before.  Lenin did it.  Mao did it.  Pol Pot did it.  And Obama did it in 2008.  Anybody thinking the Obama people are stupid or can't pull this off is fooling themselves.


The Romney campaign has compiled 41 straight months of administration comments regarding the economy.  Most start: "It is important to not read into any single monthly report..."

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