Monday, July 16, 2012

Condi, a Tribute Post - UPDATED and BUMPED

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Drudge is such a tease.

He knows there are conservatives out there dissatisfied with Romney and crave an exciting VP pick similar to Palin VP pick of 2008.

This has been the Drudge top link since last night:

Our question for Drudge: Why did you push for Romney in the first place?

We are a big fan of Condi.  For one, she loves America and everything it stands for.  Ask any Dem if that is true about them.

Her foreign policy experience sets the standard.  The Dem's bench has no one equal, and there are few Republicans who are equivalent.

In Bush's later years where he let liberals like Colin Powell dilute the war strategy, Condi was the loyal aide who made the best of it.  Those policies were wrong, but the nation's mood would not allow the right policies.  Obama's ilk will try to use this to paint her as either inept and/or inconsistent, but will be speechless when asked why they continued those same Bush policies.

Her domestic attributes will stun the population if she is allowed to speak.  Her story of her father standing on their front yard with a shotgun to protect her family from the Democrat KKK is more authentic and educational than Obama's supposed Selma march.  She has lived the American Dream where hard work and good decision-making skills can result in a rewarding life.  Let her be the roll model black women have been denied by the Democrat race-baiters.

Supposedly she is pro-choice.  It will be interesting to see if that is used to demoralize the conservatives.  While many vote on that issue alone, we wonder how many people who would vote Republican would  stay home.  In other words, would this single-issue-crowd avoid this critical election over this issue?

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Rush Limbaugh last Friday agreeing with a caller (and us above) about Condi's supposed pro-choice position:

...if we lose our freedom, what does any of that matter? If they fully implement Obamacare, it's not just babies in the womb that are gonna be killed.

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