Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Left Side Updates


Every now and then we have some time to update our left nav bar (the left side of Ushanka).  As you may know, we use the left side of the blog to recommend books and movies that share our interest in Communism.

We also have a humidor section where we link to our favorite cigars.  A DONATE section that will take you the most worthy, anti-communist, site you'll ever have the honor to donate to. 

Last, we have a blogroll with recommended sites.  It has three sections: The first section for fellow bloggers (Comrades!) who we have met or corresponded with, Others which lists other bloggers we like, and a third section for non-blog sites.  We've added some blogs to our blogroll today. 

We are selective.  We've pre-screened these blogs with daily visits for over a month to make sure no nuance or excessive libertarianism seeps through.  Only like-minded blogs get our blessing!

Please click over to these sites to get a rich anti-commie/pro-liberty experience!

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