Monday, February 25, 2013

No Soda For You!

Says the Mayor of New York City.

Sugary drinks in excess of 16oz, or in 2-liter bottles, are now verboten in New York City.

Yes, THAT New York City.  That one, in America.  The city where Nathan Hale was caught spying and gave 'but one life for his country.'   Where General Washington saved his Army to fight another day.  The city that all haters of America (outside our nation) dream of blowing up.

We'd rant.  But instead, we're bringing in our stunt double - IamRawdoglet:

Notice he is acting as if this soda ban is outright offensive.  Notice he hasn't succumbed to the incremental disintegration of our culture and nation.  He hasn't bought into the nuance that is political correctness.  In other words, he is not conforming to the set boundaries that our betters have put in place for us.

Doug Ross suggests the soda ban is being used by the city as a distraction from:

• Its welfare funds are being spent in strip clubs, porn joints, and liquor stores

• It has $21 billion in pension obligations over the next 30 years

• Its recent spate of hate crime and violence


Image from The Peoples Cube.  Love the cufflinks.

We found IamRawdoglet a while back and have found his advice on investing quite accurate (so far).  We don't condone the violence he suggests, but we share his passion and outrage.

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