Friday, February 01, 2013

Hat Inflation

Image above from Drudge a couple days ago.

It appears we are in a Recovery Recession.  Of course, a Recession is defined as two quarters of negative growth, so it is not official yet.  But we recall the 4.7 unemployment days of Bush where every quarter of positive growth was reported as "disappointing" and the signal of a coming recession.

But according to our elites in the MSM, we are "back from the brink."  Today we are riding high on the four 'summers of recovery.'  Today we have 1 of every 5 working-age adult out of work, which is damn better than 1 out of every 4!

We are raising the price of our Commie Obama Hat to $31.80, today's closing price of an ounce of silver.  This is down up from January's price of $31.07 and is necessary to keep your purchasing power in alignment.

If you think Obama and Bernanke can right the ship that is the US economy, then delay that hat purchase.  But, if you suspect that they don't know what the hell they are doing, you may want to get your hat today.

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