Friday, September 09, 2016

Parenting in Obama's America

Another Ohio overdose story.  Here is my last post on the topic, from just two weeks ago.

This one from Liverpool Ohio, just across the border from Pittsburgh.

NYPost:  This is what parenting on heroin looks like
An Ohio police department has released jaw-dropping photos of an adult couple who apparently overdosed on heroin in the front seat of an SUV as a 4-year-old boy sat in back.

I have the solution for these cases, as does Phillipine president Duarte. 

But apparently this has to happen far more often here in the states before anyone considers my suggestion.

U/T: Liverpool Police Dept, for releasing the photos.  F**k their right to privacy.

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Anonymous said...

I know it will never happen, but the new method of dealing with these idiots who OD, ought to be: move them out of the way of traffic and/or pedestrians, repossess the youngsters, if there are any, and then leave. Eventually they'll either quit, or die. Problem solved. I like to call it the Big Jake method. Or, JB Books.