Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Snot cool. Snot cool at all.

I've been curious why Hillary prefers cups of water to bottles of water.  She had a cup on stage at the Cleveland cough-fest on Monday.  Then, on the plane later, she had a water bottle and traded it for a cup of water.  Why?

Reddit has the answer and the video.  I won't show it.  It is disgusting - NSFW.

I liked this thread from the post:

Everybody has a guess to Hillary's diseases.  It could be "all of the above" once we get the autopsy results.  But until then, only a few are worthy of discussion.  I think this post at Lame Cherry might be on to something:
What the Lame Cherry postulates though is whether it is brain injury, a form of Parkinsons which is not the actual disease, medications or is actually one of the side effects of the stroke, Mrs. Clinton's epiglottis is not functioning and her spit or saliva is leaking into her bronchial tubes.
And to preempt the MSM or others who want to tell me I'm posting too much on Hillary's health and not on more important topics, I say: Hillary has not done a single policy speech or released a single policy paper since she's been nominated.  Her health issues are all we have to talk about because she is riding out the clock - both the election clock, and the grim reaper clock.

U/T: Comrade Zhukov

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