Monday, September 19, 2016

More Terror. The New Norm.

Three terror attacks yesterday, with a fourth discovered before the bombs could blow:
  1. The first was a pipe bomb in a garbage can next to a 5k USMC run.  A tip delayed the race, the bomb only partially detonated, and nobody was hurt.
  2. The second was a pressure cooker bomb in a NYC dumpster.  29 victims.
  3.  The third was a knife attack at the St. Cloud Mall in Minnesota.  Nine victims.
  4. The fourth was a bomb found in a bag at a NJ train station and detonated by the police. No one was hurt.

Comrade Davis Aurini comments on the timing of these attacks:
... [the] Jihadis are foolish enough to stage terror attacks during the current presidential election, is itself the demonstrable proof that they cannot be reasoned with.
I think we can all agree ISIS, and all of America's enemies, want Hillary Clinton as our next president.  So why these attacks now?

Since we're talking about Hillary, let's review each party's nominee and runner-up's position on Islam and Immigration:
  • Bernie Sanders, Democrat runner-up:  Islam is not a threat and I'll keep the borders open.
  • Hillary Clinton, Democrat nominee: Islam is not a threat and I'll keep the borders open.
  • Ted Cruz, Republican runner-up:  Islam is a threat and I'll double the Border Patrol.
  • Donald J. Trump:  Islam is a threat, I'll build a border wall, and I'll stop Islamic immigration until we find a way to do it safely.
Thank God for Donald J. Trump.

The MSM story tells us that nine were "injured" in the mall knife attack.  Click here if you want to see what "injured" looks like.  Warning - graphic.

The NY and NJ bomber was shot and captured today.  Here is a doctored photo that I just had to share:

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