Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NYC Hate Crimes

In the past month two attacks on muslims in NYC have been in the national news.

August 14: an imam and his friend were shot execution style by Oscar Morel (bottom picture).  Motive, nationality of the shooter, residence status are all unknown.  No new information has been released in the month since.  More info.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, someone lit a muslim woman's hijab sleeve on fire.  The suspect got away and the victim is fine.  More at DailyMail.

Are these a sign of a rise in anti-muslim crime?   If so, why? 
Could it be the muslim executions of the Christians in Iraq?
Could it be the muslim kidnapping of young girls for the sex trade?
Could it be people hold a grudge about that whole 9-11 thing? 
Could it be the recent muslim terror attacks that were happening almost daily earlier this summer?
Could it be a reaction to the threat to Western Civilization by waves of muslm immigrants?
In other words, could hate be playing a role?
My answer: Don't care.  First, crime is crime, and all violent crime is hate.  Second, if I did get the memo that said I am to care more about muslims than other people, I must have burned it.

Oscar and the hijab arsonist made the same calculation that all criminals make: Is the risk of getting caught worth it?

It appears they will see penalties stiffer than the norm because their victims were in a protected class.

Can you imagine the impact on the BLM rallies if all criminals were held to the same tough standard?  I suspect the violence we've seen by BLM this year can be directly related to lean sentences and early release in the nation's jails and prisons.  In fact, I'll consider this a fact until I see evidence to the contrary.

Hate Crime laws are a product of liberal racism, liberal sexism and political correctness.  These laws are meant to benefit only those who also receive the benefits of Affirmative Action.  Can you answer this question without using a search engine:  When was the last black-on-white crime elevated to a hate crime?  Or a black-on-gay crime?   There is no proof that hate crime laws deter crime.  Like gun-control, hate crime laws a) don't save lives, and b) were created so liberals could look busy.

Political Correctness is on the chopping block this year thanks to Mr. Trump.  He has shown so many that it is a sign of a leader to question anything unfair, including racist and sexist laws of the past few decades.  It is up to local and state leaders to eliminate these laws so all people can be equal.

UPDATED 9.15.16 3:30pm:

WZ has an update on the hijab arson story: no hate-crime. 

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