Thursday, September 01, 2016

Thursday Afternoon Cigar

Comrade Mikhail told me he tried a Nicaraguan cigar.  He said it was fantastic.  So I asked the cigar guy to recommend a Nicaraguan cigar based on my Rocky Patel Sun Grown taste.  He recommended two brands, one of which I tried today.  The New World by AJ Fernandez.  It was spectacular.

I am reading a new book, Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War by Thomas Hobbes. 

This was recommended by Comrade and author Matt Bracken and Western Rifle Shooters.  It is a fascinating story of post-collapse America.  I'll post a review here soon.

An old Army comrade of mine just texted me asking if I saw Trump today.  I didn't realize he was in Wilmington Ohio today - just an hour or so away.  His visit overlapped my game on a local par-3 course.  Rudolf Giuliani opened for Trump, and both speakers were on fire.  Here is the video (30mins):

Oh ya: the Cubs swept the Pirates too.

What an exciting year.  Cubs in October and Trump in November.  Can it really happen?

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