Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary's Economic Plan

Hillary's Economic Plan, or HEP, favors union labor over private sector (point #1) and prefers socialism to capitalism (points #2 and #3).  If you wish for an economic environment where you can  trade your skills and effort for money, you'll have to find another presidential candidate to vote for.

HEP rhythms with NEP. 

NEP was Lenin's New Economic Policy from 1921.  You'll recall from previous Ushanka posts that NEP was a Lenin surrender.  His full Communism was an obvious failure just three years into his reign.  He had a major Naval mutiny a couple hundred miles North-West, and the largest peasant uprising in human history a couple hundred miles South-East.  He was being squeezed for reform, and his rule - and his life - were on the line.  NEP followed, which "gave" 2% economic freedom to the Soviet citizens in an otherwise 98% Communist setting.  You can read more about these events in my 2013 article: The Original Green Movement.

U/T: Joe Dan for the image.

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