Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zimmerman Riots - Our Prediction

They fail.  



Because any riot that occurs will be a government operation led by community-organizing Democrats within the the multi-layered funk of Obama's bureaucratic Federal government.

Sure, they'll have the race-baiters and New and Improved Black Panthers - now with more anger!  Sure, they'll bus in some useful idiots using tax-payer dollars.  Sure - something will happen if Zimmerman is found innocent.  The table has been set.

But whatever happens, it'll be a pathetic and impotent display of faux anger because it will be a government operation.

And we say this with full historical knowledge that Liberals Progressives Communists ALWAYS show their best results when it comes to putting down their ideological opponents.  Meeting production requirements or solving problems - not so much.  But the trains to the Archipelago were standing room only and always left on time.

The best blog posts on the topic of the Department of Justice's 'investment' into racial strife in Florida:

NiceDebOrganizing for Justice
Mr. BHolder's Minions
People's Cube (source for image below):  Community Relations Agitational Services sent to FL
Doug RossSUPER: Holder DOJ Helped Organize Threat of Race Riots to Prevent Zimmerman Acquittal

What has been missing in the MSM's coverage incitement:

1) The White-Hispanic community's threats to riot if Zimmerman is found guilty,
2) The dramatic drop in crime in Zimmerman's neighborhood since the shooting,
3) The revelation that skittles are a gateway to smoking pot and beating Crazy Ass Crackers in their own neighborhood (See Photos),
4) The US's slide towards Britain where defense against violent criminals is a criminal offense,
5) The facts of the case.

"Go To Where People Are"

For the Zimmermans in the Ushanka audience, we suggest they consider going "to where people are" when this show trial is exposed as the farce it is and Zimmerman is found innocent.

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