Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Danger Is My Last Name

Men unable to control their sexual urges are not necessarily Democrats.  But, at least in this area, the Democrats set the higher standard.

Some are comparing Weiner to Clinton, and their wives to eachother too.  Those are fair comparisons, but a lot has changed in 15 years.  At least in these two areas:
1)  Values.  We'd argue the American electorate had higher standards for behavior in the 90's than they do now, and a lower threshold for the in-your-face media coverage of sex news.

2) Social Media.  Americans with compelling opinions have a national voice via social media, where in the 90's we recall turning to George Will and other pseudo-conservatives on the Sunday shows to voice our disgust.
One factor suggests Weiner will get a pass.  The other offers the possibility that he'll suffer pressure from too many fronts.  Of course we are hoping for the latter.

So the big news isn't that Weiner has issues.  We knew that a year ago.  What is new is the Carlos Danger moniker.  Conservative bloggers and Facebook'ers are running with this one.  Let's see where it goes.

The tragedy of this story isn't Weiner's marriage.  Like the Clintons, they have no family values and find no problem with this story other than the impact it may have on their political ambitions.  Watch for Huma to announce another pregnancy.

The real tragedy is that Carlos Danger is screwed if he isn't elected mayor of New York.  Like all Democrats, he has no skills and could do nothing else that comes with a steady paycheck.  And worse, nobody is hiring. 

First image from our meme contest.  Others from FB comrades.  Check back, we're sure to post more!

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