Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Showing Your Cards

How come in the 80's only Reagan and a few others foresaw the Soviet Union collapse?

Were the MSM and the elites in the faculty lounges that powerful to convince the free world that the Soviets were there to stay? 

We'll share our opinion of the quality of education in Western nations - specifically to the area of critical thinking skills - in a future post.

English Russia posted some photos of the Il-102 attack plane.  Probably designed around Reagan's first inauguration, with testing starting in 1984 and plans to deploy in 1991.  Obviously it didn't work out.

Can you see what we see - with the benefit of hindsight? 

Can you see what Reagan saw when he first saw CIA photos of this plane?

In short, your expectations for the future strength of your nation is on display when you are building attack planes with elaborate defensive systems. 

A rear-facing cockpit?  A rear-facing gun?  Can the pilot deploy a big white flag too?

Commies are the worst poker players.  They lie better than anyone, so watch the bluff.  But keep track of their betting and you'll know when they're expecting defeat.

A similar lesson:  Showing your expectations for a coming election:

1) Block opposition groups from forming by delaying their tax-deferred status,
2) Send your ilk to vote multiple times,
3) Audit the large donors of your opponent, thereby intimidating the others,
4) Lie and stall in the investigation of a murdered ambassador,
5) and more.

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