Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Commie Obama Hat Meme

[orig post: 7.22 noon]

We'll be posting some meme images at our Facebook page in the coming days.

Win a hat!
Send us your meme images.  (Gmail:  If we post it to our Facebook page, we'll send you a hat!

The only requirement is that the image text must reference the "Commie Obama hat."

Commie Obama Facebook Page

Commie Obama Hat Store

Make your meme image here 


This is getting addicting.  We have over 30 images in the queue.

Here are a couple more we've posted.

Any ideas?  Send us your images for consideration.

Thanks for the links!  All The Right Snark, I Own The World,

UPDATED and BUMPED, 7.27 8am:

We announced our first three hat winners yesterday.  We'll award a hat to three more winners on Wednesday.

UPDATED and BUMPED 7.31 5pm:

Here are winning meme images four through six.

Our special thanks to Catherine the Great for picking winners 1-3, and Zhukov for picking these winners!


Reiuxcat said...


The Doktor said...

What an honor to be selected along with some really great 'Shoppers'! The Shop Girls are the best!! You know who you are! (And, by now, so does Obozo).

northierthanthou said...

Childish fantasies made into apparel. Good fun for wingnuts everywhere!