Sunday, July 21, 2013

Helen Thomas, GTH

The Post Dispatch says she asked the "unasked questions."

Like, is that oven too hot?  Or, is that shower too gassy?

No doubt she had some redeeming qualities, but you'll have to go elsewhere to find those.

The YouTube video that exposed this leftist journalist as a racist.

Unfortunately, there is a long line of leftist racist journalists to take her place.

UPDATED 7.22 6pm:

WSJ's Taranto is also disgusted by the over-the-top fawning of the late Thomas.
No doubt it's rude to rebut a eulogy, and even we must acknowledge that Helen Thomas was a lively and entertaining character. But she was also an exponent of hateful views and crackpot conspiracy theories. Her admirers commit a serious moral error in downplaying that aspect of her career.

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The Doktor said...

Helen, you Jew-hating bitch, I've only got one thing to say.....