Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day

We checked all the blogs for the best Independence Day post. 

Nothing compared to this link from a FB Comrade: How to Thank a Soldier, By George W. Bush.

Go there now and check out the photos!

Fellow conservatives, you may be one of the many who have been trained by the MSM to find fault with our former President.  To qualify any positive statement about the man or his policies or decisions.  Stop it.  Reject this communist revisionist bullshit, as we have.  State your opinion without the "Except for his ____ decision I liked his ___..." beginning, or the so-called required "but" after the compliment.

Continue this abhorrent habit and you are just a tool of the left.

Every president makes bad decisions.  Have you ever wondered why you are compelled to voice your opinion of those you see in GW, but not others?

Give us the power and reach of the media, and we'll turn the tables.  To say something about Comrade Obama, we'd train the masses to say something like these examples:

"Well, he meant well, but I wasn't happy about ObamaCare passing with zero Republican votes and several purchased Democrat votes."

"He really lost my support after turning his back on that ambassador's 8 hours of pleas for help."

"I was excited about having a black president, but not one who reads my email."

"I'd probably have more good things to say about him, but I've been out of work far too long to believe it is my fault."

Future generations of Americans, assuming there will be any, will have a very easy way to evaluate their President.  Whether it is a sense of class and respect, faith in America, faith in God, or loyalty to the troops - all future Presidents will now be measured in comparison to George W. Bush.

Happy Independence Day.  May we have many more.

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