Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Free Hat Offer - 40 Days for Name Calling

Seventeen year veteran DC police officer, Christopher Picciano, has been suspended for 40 days without pay for "conduct unbecoming an officer."

His conduct - name calling.

No - he didn't call the President "Hitler," or write a book or movie script about the President's assassination.

Officer Picciano either "liked" or posted the photo above on his Facebook account.  The suggestion is that President Obama - who nationalized 2/3 of the auto industry, 100% of the student loan industry, and 100% of the health care industry - is a "communist."

Washington Post:

...was found guilty of posting a derogatory job description on social media and depicting the president as a communist...

This begs the question: What would the suspension be if officer Picciano chose to ignore orders to disarm DC citizens of their lawfully owned firearms?

If officer Picciano chooses to enjoy his 40 days off with a road trip, we encourage him to come through SW Ohio.  We'll buy him dinner, give him a tour of the hat factory, and put a furry Commie Obama hat on his head.

We encourage our Ushanka comrades to re-evaluate their use of social media.  

U/T: Conservative Voice

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Cheesy said...

That's what the fuckers want though - for us to live in fear.
Die on your feet or live on your knees - your choice.

Karl said...

That sums it up Comrade Cheesy!