Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hammer, Sickle, Healthcard

A FB Comrade just posted this photo.

It's going to take the libs a while before they fully appreciate this lady's sign.  In the coming months, many will lose their health insurance.  And being libs, they will wonder why. 

Then, a year or two from now, these same libs will meet their local Commissar of Health Benefits to schedule a checkup with their doctor nurse practitioner.  Again, they will scratch their heads and wonder why it seems a bit harder to get a blood test and prescription refilled. 

Five years further, or maybe twenty for the younger libs, they will require a medical procedure to function or live. They will go through a process to determine the severity of their case and to determine the number of remaining productive tax-paying years they have left if they indeed did get the procedure. This process is for the greater good.

They will then be put on a list, because that is fair, and wait for their procedure.  For example, the average wait in Britain and Canada for a hip replacement is 18 months.  Only then will these libs realize how long 18 months is when they get to feel the grind of bone-on-bone. 

It is at that point we'd say "Welcome to the Republican Party," but alas, the Republican Party will only be a memory at that point.

This image is from our current meme contest:

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