Sunday, July 28, 2013

FB Conversation of the Day

Our Comrades at Real Soda, makers of the bourgeois soda Leninade, host the Facebook page, Leninade.

We used to sell Leninade with our Commie Obama hats, but we sold out several months ago.

 So today Leninade posts the following public service announcement to the masses:
There is no "I" in KGB!
Not to be left out in the Siberian summer, loyal Leninade followers posted the following:

But there is an "I" in Leninism!

Actually, two "I"s in Leninism.  And then there's 3 "I"s in Marxism-Leninism!

...the KGB has "I"s everywhere.  Stay cautious, my komrades...

We still include this side placard with every hat.

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UPDATED 9:30pm:

An inspiration:

UPDATED 7.29 7:30pm:

Comrade Doktor, a hat owner, has informed us in the comments that we have a broken link to the Leninade Facebook page.  Here is the correct link.

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The Doktor said...

Sorry, Comrade, but your link to Leninade on FB is missing the final piece. For you, though, I will complete the code. TELL NO ONE!!

FB Leninade Page