Thursday, June 06, 2013

Impeachable Offense #5

Impeachable offenses to date:

1) Fast and Furious
2) Benghazi
3) 5 Carriers parked together
4) IRS Abuse
and now:
5) Total Surveillance of US Citizens

HotAir reports, via Doug Ross, that Big Brother has tapped Verizon to be the first telephone company to hand over all call records of their customers.

Since April, the following Verizon data has been turned over to our government:
- Numbers of both parties in every call,
- Time of call,
- Call duration,
- Location (presumably of caller).

The optimistic view: Of the five abuses of power above, this one touches enough citizens to generate the necessary momentum to bring real change to DC, either now or in 2016.

The pessimistic view: The abuses of power are so many, and have been allowed for so long, that this is the new reality for American citizens.

The Past - Remember this guy?

The Present - Summarized by Oklahoma congressman Jim Bridenstine.

The Future - You can be surprised, or you can read the book.

Read more at Legal Insurrection.  Apparently Al Gore is upset about this.

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