Thursday, June 06, 2013

Convening the Death Panels

Sarah Murnaghan is the 10 year old girl waiting for a lung transplant.  She became news this week because our betters in the Obama Administration have set policy that has limited Sarah's chances of survival.  The policy states that Sarah only has access to a lung from a child donor and not an adult.

Story at Politico.

Congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA) to Senior ObamaCare Death Panel Administrator, Kathleen Sebelius: I'm begging you. ... She has three to five weeks to live. Please suspend the rules. 

Her response: Some people live, some people die.

We are not sure if she is quoting Mao or Stalin here - two leaders who also oversaw universal healthcare organizations.

This is the "Change" part that our electorate voted for in 2008.  Get used to it.

Now, we're not going to hammer on Sebelius here.  We think it is unfair to bring single cases to bear in a high-level policy meeting or in testimony to congress.   These distractions are a tactic of the left to grab headlines and distract from solving problems.  Liberals are the ones that say empty phrases like "if we can save just one life" or "it is for the children."  These comments are not meant to improve policy, but to appeal to the Obama electorate and derail the conservative agenada.

We agree with Virginia Postrell, quoted today by Glenn:
The case points up the tragic and, despite efforts to the contrary, inherently arbitrary nature of organ allocation. As long as there is an absolute shortage of organs, giving one person a transplant means denying it to someone else.
We think celebrating this pickle that Sebelius has found herself in is counter-productive.  It might be fun, but there is a family with a little girl who are desperately clinging to hope.

Having said that....  we are not going to censure or judge the others who are hammering on this early and prescient ObamaCare Death Panel decision.

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