Saturday, June 01, 2013

Quote of the Day

From hat owner and Comrade Diann at All The Right Snark in reference to:

1) the recent interview of the illegal immigrant who has milked the US welfare system for twenty years and complains she isn't getting enough, and

2) the news that US Marines at Camp Leatherneck are losing their hot meals in Obama's draw-down in Afghanistan.

So, illegal aliens are qualified for food stamps, welfare, free housing, free health care. Obama’s government is advertising in Mexico to let those who are preparing to sneak across the border into the US know exactly what taxpayer-funded goodies await them.

But no hot meals for you, Jarhead! 
Barack Obama hates this country.

He hates the United States Military.

He does not want the nation to be secure.

He wants us exposed — as exposed as those Marines at Camp Leatherneck.

He wants our economy to crumble under the weight of crippling Federal debt.

Barack Obama has no love for America. No love for the servicemen and women who fight to protect and defend our nation, our Constitution, our way of life

We concur.


The Doktor said...

How many Dianny's does it take to tell the Truth?

One....... one Dianny.

Karl said...

Exactly Comrade Doktor!