Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Quote of the Day

From hat-wearing comrade Andrea Shea-King on FB, regarding yesterday's behavior of the first lady when she was heckled by a lesbian protester:
I worked with plenty of Michelle Obama's when I was at NASA... arrogant, the world owes them, and you'd better bend over backwards for them or else you're a bigot and racist. They were protected by Civil Service, did NOT a lick of work and got away with it because their bosses were scared to death of them. They ruled the roost.

And when Michelle Obama came on the scene, I knew immediately what she was. A bully who carry that "Black Chip" on her shoulder like a badge of courage. And don't you DARE challenge her. She'll kick you across the room like you were a football.

Women (and men) like her never take responsibility for their own shortcomings -- everything is blamed on the "other" (you and me) who is "racist"...obviously.

It's infuriating.
Yes.  It.  Is.

Just because your residence was once honored with the presence of ladies like Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and Laura Bush, does not confer that respect and honor to you, Michelle.

One thing we still do not know: Was Michelle Obama's entitlement unlady-like behavior at the podium in response to the message of the heckler, or the heckler's skin color?

Andrea also links to this Patheos blog post by Elizabeth Scalia.

Top photo from Drudge, bottom photo from Andrea and Elizabeth.

UPDATED 8:30pm:

 From Drudge:

Hey Michelle, do you mean like this?

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