Sunday, June 30, 2013

WWZ Review: BigFurHat

 IOTW's BigFurHat offers his take on the latest blockbuster movie.  He includes spoilers in his review and commentary, so beware.  We've stripped the spoilers out of this section of his review:

What I like about this 2 star movie is that it really was a metaphor for progressivism.

I had fun watching the movie in that light.

-The movie opens with dirtbags suddenly occupying and wreaking havoc on a major city. They caused misery and had no coherent message or common cause other than they were parasitic a-holes who sucked away productive citizen’s vital resources and made the city a mess.


-When there were no hosts to exploit the zombies were largely motionless (in other words, on their couches with Hot Pockets.)

-It took a lot of effort and resources, but eventually the productive citizens beat down the parasites and society stabilized and thrived once again.

You know what? I changed my mind. I give this movie 5 stars.

We too saw the parasitic analogies to Liberals Progressives Communists in the movie.

We also saw something that most probably missed.  B-Wing in the WHO facility was where the dormant zombies were.  They had no stimulus (live humans) so they stood around. 

We come from an Information Technology background and it took 2.3 nanoseconds to conclude that the WHO organization's IT group was located in the B-Wing.  In fact, only the open wounds were evidence that anything had happened in B-Wing.

We give the movie two thumbs up.  Brad Pitt always delivers. 

One major criticism with the story and author, not the movie:  The UN does not solve any problems.  The UN exists for one reason: international redistribution from Western nations.

So it isn't just parasitic liberals and occupy-types this movie portrays.  It is also your average corporate (or government) IT group. 

Which reminds me, it is about time to watch the documentary about myself - Office Space.

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