Saturday, June 08, 2013

Quote of the Day

This week

We learned this week that all calls, emails, texts are monitored by the NSA.  That every letter sent through the socialist postal system is photographed front and back.  That this is all in the name of "protecting us from terrorism" in the war on terror that ended years ago.

We feel like the party-favor boy working the swing shift at Chicago's Man's Country, only a shower and sitting on a bag of ice won't stop this pain.

The only solution is to cut the NSA budget to the point that they only have the resources to watch international communications.


If you haven't read 1984, do so.  We're at the part of the book just before the rat cage.

Quote of the Day

Actually, the quote of the Orwellian/full-citizen-surveillance era.


Drop the liberal thing.

Cut his damn mic.


It's a police state situation.

Media Standards, or lack thereof

It has been long overdue for those in the old media to call bullshit on these Liberal Progressive Communist propagandists. 

We'll continue to do so in the new media until our domain is confiscated.  For the old media, Cavuto is leading the way.

We'll cc the NSA here

NSA staffers are welcome to leave a comment explaining the following:

1) None of this week's news about full surveillance is true.
2) There isn't more surveillance than what we've already discovered this week.
3) That it is impossible to have a single NSA staffer access a citizen's data for political purposes.
4) That privacy of US citizens is more important than their salary or pension.
5) That if ordered to release/share a citizen's data, they will resign and go public.

Until then, please understand the official Ushanka position with regards to our betters who are apparently watching everything we do:

On the bright side

Comrade Obama is demanding an investigation into how full surveillance has occurred on his watch who leaked the information of the deliberate intrusion into American citizens' lives.

Stalin called these people "wreckers."  We call them patriots. 

There must be at least one patriot embedded in the system.

Until we know the name - and we hope we never do - we'll call him Nathan Hale.

Nathan, we applaud you!

Obama Checklist

We've updated our Obama Checklist with this week's revelations.  See rows 78-83.

UPDATED 6.9 9:30am:

Thanks for the link Doug Ross!

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