Monday, June 24, 2013

More Snowden and NSA

So Snowden is free for another day.  This is getting embarrassing for Obama, but not as embarrassing as leaving four Americans to die in Libya. So expect more wall-to-wall coverage of Snowden's rumored travels.

We predicted smears and they are coming out now.  Sen. Feinstein is leading the charge that Snowden has more sensitive information and could release it at any moment. 

Maybe.  Maybe the Branch Dividians really were child molesters stockpiling weapons.

But the senator needs to understand something.  She is part of the government, and the people have lost their trust in government.  We suspect the loss of trust is far larger, and more severe, than what any polls are reporting.

We expected to hear a senator, or a 'gang' of senators, to demand immunity for Snowden.  To recognize him as the whistleblower that he is.  But alas, the members of congress were part of the PRISM initiative to spy on Americans regardless of any suspicions of criminal activity.

It is too late now.  Anybody coming out on behalf of Snowden now would be seen as disingenuous.

The full-scale surveillance is still active because our elected leaders say it should be.

Here is what we imagine occurred when Snowden joined the NSA PRISM team:

Boss:  We need you to track every phone call, every email, and all other online communications.

Snowden:  Yes boss.  Who should I target.

Boss: Americans.

Snowden: Yes boss, but which Americans?

Boss:  All of them.

Snowden:  Is this violation of the 4th Amendment approved?

Boss: Yes, it's been approved.

Snowden:  Who approved it?

Boss:  All of them.

For more on the NSA, Glenn linked to this writeup at Empty Wheel.

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