Saturday, June 29, 2013

Public Education - A Celebrity's Opinion

We are reading one of the funniest books ever: Adam Carolla's Not Taco Bell Material.

Mostly apolitical, but he does have some strong opinions about government programs.  Such as public school.  His memory of attending North Hollywood High School:
As far as North Hollywood High goes, don't let the word 'Hollywood' confuse you.  It was mostly working-class whites and Latinos from the Valley, with a dusting of Jews from the hills and blacks from the buses.  And don't let the word 'school' confuse you, either.  There was no schooling going on.  The only thing I learned how to do in high school was cover a textbook with a grocery bag.  North Hollywood High was part of the L.A. Unified School District, which had no standards at all.  To get held back in the L.A. school system you have to defecate on three teachers and try to kill a fourth.
The book is full of crass, juvenile memories.  If you can handle that, we highly recommend!

As for our high school experience, we do not remember the grocery bag trick.  The only thing we learned was how to sleep with our eyes open.

It is long overdue for the payers of property tax to demand their money back.

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