Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today in Gun News UPDATED X2

Notable items from today's Gun Blog scan:

Alphecca: Wisconsin legislature passes Shall-Issue concealed carry. Waiting for Gov. Walker to sign. Illinois is the last state without a Shall-Issue or May-Issue law.

What do Gun-Control Proponents, ATF Bureaucrats and Zombies have in common? Robb at Sharp as a Marble elaborates.

In Jennifer's Head has a new post on the ATF GunRunner scandal, including this Jon Steward clip:

At the 3:07 mark:

So our plan to prevent American guns from being used in Mexican gang violence is to provide Mexican gangs with American guns.... to use according to our plan for.... violence.

At the 4:00 mark:

If this is the plan that they went with, what plan did we reject?

And at 4:54:

So the head of ATF didn't just know about this plan, he was TIVO'ing it.

These three quotes are all you need to know about GunRunner, the ATF's priorities, and the level this administration will stoop to achieve its gun-control dreams.

Two US agents dead so far from this operation. 2,000 military-grade weapons somewhere on our South border. But who's counting.

Our suggestion: Defund ATF.

UPDATE 6.25 Found this image at IOTW, titled: Junk in the Trunk. Ha!

UPDATED 6.26.11

John Lott:

With the scandal over the gun walker case gradually getting revealed, the pressure has been building on Kenneth Melson to get him to quit. Why not simply fire him? I have wondered whether the Obama administration wanted to increase American originated guns in Mexico so they simply put pressure on gun dealers to sell guns to Mexican gun traffickers. Does Melson have something on the Obama administration that makes it so that they can't simply fire him?

Good questions!

Our question: If the deaths of 2 US agents is not enough, what is the magic number?

Assuming this scandal was intended to help Obama with future gun-control efforts - which we wholly believe is true - then it is logical to assume that the deaths of the US agents are seen as for the greater good, and that more deaths are the justified means to the gun-confiscation ends.

And, if Melson was part of this decision, then it is logical he does have something on Obama.

Related: Gun Quote of the Day at Walls of the City:

Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.

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