Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Jobs: Food Commissars

It won't be too soon when the new Food Commissar positions open up. We'll get that unemployment number down to 9.0 if it means a new commissar in every rural town!

Ann Barnhardt catches this San Francisco Chronicle article, Obama to Create White House Rural Council. Our most pressing question: What is Ann doing reading the San Francisco Chronicle?? Is she lib'ing out??

Her advice, based on a solid knowledge of history:

These people are going to show up and attempt to bribe rural America with handouts, promises of "fair markets" (to Marxists, the only "fair" market is no market at all - never forget that), and "free money". Fight them with every fiber of your being. Keep your powder dry, gentlemen.

Immediately following the Bolshevik revolution, Lenin sent out his commissars to collect forced grain-requisitions. When they met resistance, the resistance were labeled "Kulaks," a term for the middle-class peasant. The definition for Kulak changed over time but the response was the same: Forced relocations or execution. Famine followed as diligent farmers were replaced by lazy farmers.

Mao took this concept to a new level. Instead of sending commissars, he just told the poor peasants to kill their less poor counterparts and take their land. Poor peasants love taking land as much as ACORN employees love to help underage prostitution rings. The result was 60 million dead from execution and hunger.

Our Dear Leader is taking us down the same road. His efforts to improve efficiency on our farms will follow the same path as Lenin and Mao. Imposing a government bureaucracy over a capitalist enterprise results in human suffering on a massive scale EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

He who controls the food, controls the people.

U/T: Ann

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