Thursday, June 09, 2011

Slippery Slope Summary

A good summary from Sharp as a Marble:

Look, I get that Weiner’s wiener is news because it shows an elected official being a complete douchebag, but let’s put this into perspective. In just a few short months, it will be illegal to sell 100W incandescent light bulbs, it’s still legal for blue-gloved high school dropouts to cop a feel of your 8 year old daughter’s crotch in the name of ‘safety’, your options for health care are being dwindled down to “None” or “Gov’t mandated care that isn’t much better than None”, and each person’s tax burden is around $500,000 plus or minus a few dozen grand. Cops are now openly smashing people’s phones who dare tape them performing their duties, there are SWAT teams now engaged in the student loan repayment business, gas prices are about to soar to a point where the $4 a gallon looks like a good bargain, and there are still forces trying to tighten the noose around legitimate gun owners while our own government gladly walks guns across the border to arm the cartels.

Don't forget the 4th war in Yemen!

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