Sunday, June 19, 2011

Site Change

You may have noticed has gone through some changes recently. We're not done, so stay tuned for more.

We've eliminated the MSM Headline review section. This is after 4.5 years of capturing and reviewing over 328k MSM headlines, and classifying over 2k of them as biased. This wasn't a popular item at, and it required expensive server hosting requirements. So, Adios!

The final survey results:

The Cinema, Library and Labels sections, to the left, have new additions as well. And we have a new URL you may want to bookmark:

Our mission continues to be the same: Tracking Communist Activities Globally, and Communist Inspirations Nationally.

As we were transitioning the site, we celebrated with a CAO Brazillia:

Another Ushanka Tip (U/T) to Comrade Site Developer who makes this all possible!

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