Friday, June 24, 2011


Waiting for a new white flag cartoon is like waiting for the Democrat Party to push a policy that either contributes to American's economic growth or America's standing in the world.

The former came today. We're still waiting for the latter....

Our Dear Leader has re-announced our withdrawal surrender in Afghanistan - the war he once called 'the right war' back when he called Iraq 'the wrong war'.

In case you've lost track: The 'right' war today is, of course, Libya. But it is not a war. Yemen is a close 2nd, with Afghanistan now at 3rd and Iraq still in last place. We suppose the Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan wars would all be over had that dastardly George W. Bush not taken us into Iraq.

Imagine Peace.

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We think a downsize of troops in Afghanistan should be conducted by the generals, with no political gamesmanship or attention. So much for our view.

We think this announcement is a slap in our troops' faces. While we want every American home as soon as possible, we don't want them used as pawns in a polling-numbers scheme for some politician who never wore the uniform.

We hope this announcement has military merit and the Afghans can begin to stand on their own. The cost tomorrow, if this is not the case, will be far more expensive than any polling gains today.

Be sure to click the White Flag Spotting label below to take a journey back in time when white flags were the symbol, correction: the soul, of the Democrat Party. We suggest nothing has changed.

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