Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Commie News


Venezualian commie dictator is recovering from abdominal surgery in the glorious healthcare paradise of Cuba. WSJ:

Stratfor, a private intelligence company, says it believes Mr. Chávez has twice been operated on for prostate cancer. The first time, Stratfor says, took place in Caracas in May, when the president unexpectedly canceled a planned trip to Brazil. Citing a "source with a link to the president's medical team," it said the second operation took place in Havana on June 10 when Cuban doctors discovered that the tumor had spread to Mr. Chávez's pelvis. Since then, Stratfor says, Mr. Chávez has been "heavily medicated and in a great deal of pain."

Fernando Soto Rojas, the president of the national legislature, on Sunday denied reports that Mr. Chávez had cancer. "I'd be the first to inform the country [if that were so]," he said in a written statement.

United States

Maria Svart is the new head of Democrat Socialists of America (DSA). She is their youngest to date at 31. In 2012, it'll be all about the youth...

DSA supports those popular initiatives like universal health care, slavery reparations and progressive taxation where the more you succeed, the more you are punished. They care.

See a full list of DSA issues at Trevor's Key Wiki.

U/T: Trevor

North Korea

A new video has been smuggled out of North Korea. The footage is not just of children playing in the street as we've seen before, but now of the starvation impacting the military. ABC reports below that signs are pointing to another mass starvation.

Did you notice the headwear?


And China

The Washington Post, via Glenn:

With the approach of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China on July 1, the country is being swept up in a wave of orchestrated revolutionary nostalgia. Nowhere is that more so than in Chongqing, this southwestern Chinese mega-city of 32 million people that has become the capital of the “red culture” revival.
“For people of my generation, it’s like a return to the Mao era,” said a 57-year-old lawyer who attended a middle school in Chongqing and asked not to be quoted by name speaking critically about Bo.

“I saw the beatings of the teachers by the Red Guards. It was horrible,” the lawyer said. “Young people may not recognize it. But for us who lived through it, how can we possibly sing?”

They own our debt. Now they have our Hope and Change too.

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