Monday, June 27, 2011


How does the video below fit in the blog categories of "Tracking Communist Activities Globally, and Communist Inspirations Nationally," you ask?

We'll tell you! (Best viewed in full screen mode with the sound up...)

If the Soviet Leaders, and our own Dear Leader, had their way, you'd never see this.

You'd never see an artist who didn't do HOPE poster art. The artist wouldn't have many options for a soundtrack other than music with a distinct marching tempo.

You'd never see Photoshop version CS5, let alone a computer. You'd never see YouTube with unlimited upload capability, quota-free viewing capability, and those pesky advertisements. And the only sexy underthings would be in your imagination.

You would, however, see plenty of Ushanka hats as you stood in line.

In other words, F**K Communism. And that goes for its enablers too.

A hearty U/T to artist, and beneficiary of all things capitalism, Nico Di Mattia.

PS: this is our second posting of Nico's work. Click here to see the other post.

PS2: We can't draw a hat on her, but you can contribute to Capitalism by buying a hat for yourself. You know you deserve it!

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