Monday, June 04, 2012

Try as they might...

Yahoo! allows the MSM to use their site to push the liberal agenda.  It was Yahoo! News that led us to start, as we worked with many liberals in a corporate setting.  We were busy, and all of us would turn to the Yahoo! headlines between meetings to catch up on the day's news.

We noticed that our lib colleagues would use the headlines as their full knowledge of a subject.  And for some reason the Yahoo! headlines alway fit the liberal agenda.

Our lib co-workers would actually repeat the headline verbatim when passing in the hall.  They didn't know they were pawns.  Many of them are un-employed now or are trapped in jobs they do not like.  Bush's fault...

So Yahoo! is trying to pre-empt the "Obama is a Socialist" theme that will come out this election season.

We won't try to approach them for a $100k ad campaign for our furry Commie Obama hats.  We'll take our business elsewhere.

Today's screenshot from Yahoo!'s home page:

Many = 2 or more.

Here is a link to the AP story.  We didn't bother reading it, as we know The Communist Party USA will be endorsing Obama in 2012 as they did in 2008.  Here is a screenshot from their website:

Don't blame Yahoo!.  They will do the MSM's bidding, as they must stay relevent.

They are yesterday's company.  Zero innovation, copycat business model, piss-poor management - the dog of Silicon Valley.  And this dog don't hunt.

Their 5-year stock chart:

If you haven't noticed, our posts on Yahoo! are becoming a common theme:

May 24
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UPDATED 6.5.12:

Today's Yahoo! home page:

No further questions, your honor.

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