Saturday, March 10, 2012

Media Blitz

Three screenshots from Yahoo and Google News yesterday give us a clear picture of how the MSM is gearing up for a tough fight this election season.  And two more screenshots tell us the cost of backing loser after loser.

Having zero record to run on, many leadership failures to cover-up, and the direct assault on the private sector to rationalize and dilute, the MSM is nonetheless moving forward as our Dear Leader's campaigners.

The hate and envy is strong within.

First - Militias.

Just when you thought contraception was the key challenge facing America this election season, now come those right-wing extremist militias!  And not just militias, but "Secret militias"!

It is so hard to stay informed!

Watch for the militia issue to gain speed through this Summer and Fall.  

And also watch for it to disappear in the second week of November.

Second, we are back from the brink!  Again!

Needing over 600k new jobs a month for several years to regain our economic standing that we enjoyed under the reign of that criminal, George W. Bush, yesterday's announcement of 227k jobs is bad news.  Unless you are part of the Obama re-election committee at the MSM.

20%, or 1 of 5, working-age adults are not working in Obama's America.  Over 6 million jobs are gone since our Dear Leader took charge.  That is the reality.

Third: In Yahoo's business section, a call to overturn the Supreme Court?  How do you do that?

Wouldn't that require us to acknowledge that there is a God?  Because we don't know how to overturn a Supreme Court decision like Citizens United with a Republican majority in the House.

One could say Citizens United is our Row vs. Wade.  It is here to stay.

It is called Freedom of Speech.  Google it.

Whoops - forgot our Dear Leader has embraced the Super PACs.  Oh the hypocrisy!

All the screenshots above were taken within a few minutes.  The MSM is gearing up and we are going to call them on this just as we have in past elections.

Yahoo has been plagued with poor management and an aimless strategy for years.  Their efforts to support Obama are minor in comparison to their other self-destructive acts in past years, but it adds to their sliding valuation.  Serves them right.  5-Year Chart:

Same goes for the New York Times.  5-Year Chart:

Can you pin-point the moment on the NYT graph when Obama took office?

UPDATED 10 minutes later...

Glenn links to this Washington Free Beacon article, The Shameless Obama Campaign by Matthew Continetti.  A good review of Obama's challenges this Fall and his combative and divisive strategy.

He is going to need a LOT OF HELP from the MSM!

Matthew concludes:

A sickly economy and unpopular policies, however, seem to have nudged the president into embracing a new strategy of slicing up the electorate, lavishing spoils on favored groups, and hoping to squeak by in November. This is the politics of division, not unity. His new attitude is revealing. It’s desperate. And it’s shameless.

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