Friday, March 16, 2012

Have Hat, Will Travel

Back in February we reported a fellow right-winger blogger, CrazyUnk, was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He has since tackled surgery, as well as many unexpected side-effects and personal challenges.  Still is.

We are dealing with our own challenges, but let's be honest.  Karl's challenges equate to a liberal knat's hangnail when compared to what CrazyUnk is facing 24/7.  Karl, and his soul, needed perspective and so we offered our help to CrazyUnk.

We visited CrazyUnk and his crazy better half this week, and can't wait to visit with them more.

To make this post fit into the Ushanka blog theme, let me relate a conversation (as I recollect):

Karl:  Do you realize how lucky you are to have had cancer before Obamacare kicks in?

CrazyUnk:  I know.

Karl:  Here you are a month after your diagnosis, and some bureaucrat would still be determining the cost-benefit of treating you vs. giving you a pain pill.

CrazyUnk:  I know.

Karl:  And then you'd go on a list.  And "oh sorry, the doctor called in sick.  Now that you're off the list we'll go ahead and put you back on."

CrazyUnk:  I know.

Karl:  Those motherless #&($&@ and Godless ^#@*(&#$.

Maybe next time we'll let CrazyUnk get a word in.

His Blog, and the blog where he is recording his recovery and where he shares his version of our visit.

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