Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Food Justice UPDATED

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Rush Limbaugh opened his show yesterday with a warning on the Left's next - and last - agenda item: Control Food Distribution.

His sources of frustration are a NYT book review by useful idiot Dwight Gardner titled: Before the Food Arrives on Your Plate, so Much Else Goes on Behind the Scenes.  The book: Tracie McMillan's The American Way of Eating.

"Ms. McMillan is an amiable writer," it says here, "yet her book is lighted from within by anger at the poor food options many in this country face. Noting that Detroit is a city of 700,000 without a single store from a national grocery chain, she writes: 'Food is one of the only base human needs where the American government lets the private market dictate its delivery to our communities,'" and of course it's bad out there, so if we gotta have the government step in. The government's gotta get involved in making sure that food gets to the right places. We should hate Walmart because they offer low-cost produce.

Google "food justice." You think it's a new term? Google it! You get 1,810,000 hits. This is happening right in front of us for years, this kind of thing. Food is the next front in the left-wing war on the private sector. "Food justice," mark my words, will soon be joining the term "social justice." It will be appearing in news stories. The Drive-By Media reporters will accept this from the left uncritically and won't even bother to define it. I'm sorry, they will define it. They will define it. "Food justice: The private sector hates the poor. The private sector doesn't care if its customers live, even. The private sector doesn't care if its customers get sick. The private sector will make sure that cheap, low-cost, rotten, limp, needing-lipstick produce is the only thing you have available to you."

And responding to a caller:

Anywhere in America you can find quality produce! That's not the refutation of this piece. This piece really isn't about quality produce. This piece is about the fact that the federal government doesn't have any say-so in food distribution. And it represents yet another area for the left to have the government move into to have more and more power and strip away more and more freedom.
It's about freedom. It's not about produce.


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Thoughtcrime said...

Every fraud that the Progs try to perpetrate seems to have the word "justice" attached to it. Sandy the strumpet Fluke was an activist in "reproductive justice". I can't believe that the populous of this country is sooooo gullible.
I'm not happy over the GOP candidate field but i'll vote for an empty can of orange juice over that jug eared fool we have now. God help us all if he wins in Nov. We can't take another Wilson / FDR progressive 2-term fool. Obama is even worse, he hates this country. Our Marxstream Media water carriers really have no idea what they're doing.