Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chart Of The Day

Paul Ryan writes in todays WSJ: The GOP Budget and America's Future.

As shown in the nearby chart, our budget tackles this crisis head-on by cutting debt as a share of the economy by roughly 15% over the next decade, putting the nation's finances on a path to balance, and paying off the debt. By contrast, the president's budget pushes debt as a share of the economy even higher. In his budget's own words, it allows the government's fiscal position to "gradually deteriorate" after 2022.

The associated WSJ chart:

The Chart from Legal Insurrection.


Zero Hedge has a post on the response of Obama Advisor, Gene Sperling, on CNBC.  ZH mentions that Gene made $888k in 2008 at Goldman Sachs in addition to speaking fees of $158k - just in 2008.  Like ZH mentions, the fun starts at 3:40:

He uses all the key words when referencing our Dear Leader's 'plan':  balance, education, comprehensive, bipartisan, share in the sacrifice, seniors, disabled, balanced approach.

Then to Ryan's plan: unbalanced, tax relief to the most well off, no new revenue, not well thought out, shift costs to seniors, defense savings, tax cuts for the well off, deep burdens, not consistent with our values.


ZeroHedge added two more posts that fit our post here:

Just an image at post: Presenting The High Cost Of Armageddon Avoidance

And this great great video presentation at post: The Simple Problems Of Too Much US Debt

You can ignore the message in this post, or you can prepare.

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