Sunday, August 21, 2011

Obama's Tax Cuts

Desperation has hit the MSM.

Look at today's Yahoo top news link:

In case you can't read the text:

GOP hopes to stymie Obama tax cut

Republicans oppose extending a program that currently helps 46 percent of Americans.


It was the biased selection of headlines on Yahoo that let to We were busy working (private sector) and never had time to check the news during the work day. But we'd have a chance to scan the Yahoo home page between meetings and were disgusted with the obvious attempt to spread bias through headlines. Further, we'd pass libs in the halls who would then regurgitate the headlines to us as if they were 1) fully informed, and 2) correct.

In short, Yahoo etal use their visibility to distribute talking points and to reinforce liberal ideology. They do not exist to educate, inform, or offer objectivity.

We expect to see Yahoo and the other MSM outlets to push idiotic headlines like the one above to blur the distinct differences facing voters in 2012. Good luck.

The dirty secret here, however, is the fact that Yahoo is now on record as implying that tax cuts are good for America. The lie is who is pushing for tax cuts, not the positive effect such cuts would have on employment, government revenues or the economy in general.

Call us naive, but we think voters will head to the polls in 2012 with a very focused and educated understanding of exactly what helps the economy, what hurts it, and how each party plans to address the problems. In other words, we expect an election like the one in 1980 - the last time words like "misery" and "malaise" accompanied record prices of Gold.

We'll see.

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