Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Endorsement

We've been a little slow in updating our Library list of books at the left here.

As part of our recent re-design we've added links to our own book notes for the books where we've chosen to record lessons learned and favorite quotes.

We've done the same for a book we recently read, The Path To Tyranny, by Michael E. Newton.

How do nations go from being strong, free and prosperous, then fall into darkness and tyranny?

If you are a regular visitor to, then you already know the answer but we'd suggest this book to reinforce your instincts.

For everyone else - read this book and ask yourself if the last chapter, on the United States, is a call to action.

The author sent us a link to his new 'book trailer':

Here is a link to our notes for The Path to Tyranny - still in progress...

The book, The Path To Tyranny, is under $13 at Amazon!

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