Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Envy Explained

Found through Ann Barnhardt:

An excellent review of the conditions of America's rich and poor in first half, and a personal review of the causes in the 2nd half.

Have you ever once, once, seen a person on assistance publicly thank the people whose extra work made that assistance possible? I haven't.

Now I'm afraid this is the real poverty in America. It is a poverty of dependency and entitlement. Entire generations now, without any sense of control over their own destiny, stoked mostly by a Democrat Party whose full time job it is to fan the flames of resentment and envy so they can buy votes by promising people more of what their neighbor has worked for.

Because that is what it has come to today, now that half of Americans don't pay income tax. It is us vs. them.

As we've said before, we think the most compelling campaign slogan for Obama in 2012 would be "More Free Stuff".

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