Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio visited the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California this week. He escorted Mrs. Reagan into the auditorium and rescued her as she stumbled. It was her fall that made the news, but it is his speech that deserves your attention.

We lived just a few miles from the Library when it was opened up until 2008 when our family escaped California for Ohio. Zero regrets for this move, but two things we miss: the weather and that Library. We would visit the Library 1-2 times a year. Maybe for Reagan's birthday, or maybe for July 4th, or to take friends who were visiting from out of town.

The main pull of the Library is the opportunity to remember the world as it was when Reagan was president. He took office when the Soviet Union was expanding in the world. He was the first president to stop that expansion and reverse it. He was the first president to aim for the Soviet Union's bankruptcy and collapse. He was the first president since JFK to consistently voice his hatred for the communist system and to frame his foreign policies around this concept.

We see Senator Rubio's speech not as much a preview for his future higher aspirations, which is exciting by itself. His thoughts, spoken in that place, are a continuation of Reagan and thus a continuation of all that is great about America.

After the 20 minute mark: He speaks of his Grandfather's decision to leave Cuba for America. Good stuff!

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