Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gun Culture

We're proud to be a part of it.

Some anti-gunner gal suggests guns should be banned.

Gunbloggers Robb at Sharp as a Marble and Linoge at Walls of the City respond.

Their posts are much longer and well worth the time. Here are our favorite passages:


See, in this unicorn dander snorting chick’s view, as long as someone says “Ye shall not have this item”, then people will not have that item and peace will reign throughout the land. Remember how we banned drugs and the problem went away practically overnight? Some of you may be too young to remember when there used to be rapes, murders, and muggings but of course when they passed a law against those acts, everyone stopped. And it may shock you to know that in the old days, you couldn’t just leave your wallet on top of your car when you went to the mall like you can today because they hadn’t outlawed theft!

Of course, this brain-trust can’t think past deodands and magic crystals. In her less-than-capable mind she sees the problem as an object and nothing to do with humans. You see, it is the gun that transmits mind controlling waves that forces the person with it to commit crimes. She prattles on about gang members and drug dealers, both of which involve themselves in illegal activities, and yet cannot see the fault in her logic that banning something would stop it.

And Linoge:

So "self-defense" is ignorance?

Accepting and acknowledging the fact that there exist evil people in this world, and taking steps to protect me and mine from them is "ignorance"?

Executing violence against those people who would harm me and mine is wrong?

In truth, you, like most people who want to arbitrarily infringe on individual rights, are intolerant – you are attempting to force your own narrow view of the world on others and keep them from expressing their own views. That is the very definition of intolerance. Thankfully, here in America at least, our individual rights are Constitutionally protected, and your authoritarian pipe dreams are likely never to come to pass.

Here's a recent video post from Wild Bill on the subject:

The anti-gunners have lost every significant court case and blogosphere argument in the past decade. We are lucky there are people like Robb, Linoge and Wild Bill to take a stand when challenged, and we look forward to the day the fight comes to us.

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