Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is the plan?

Breaking - Obama demands privilege with Fast & Furious documents, digs in heels with Holder.

What is the plan here?  They know a contempt vote will happen this week.  How do they plan to turn this into a campaign issue that will help their cause?

Kudos to Issa.  We have a need for justice.

Of the blogs we'd go to for insight, only Michelle Malkin has posted so far.

And yes, this does give clear and unmistakable lie to the Holder spin that Fast and Furious was just a local, little nothing-burger contretemps out of Arizona that had nooooothing to do with DOJ and the executive branch. Executive privilege applies to communications in which the president, ahem, was directly involved.

Contempt: It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

UPDATE 3:45pm: 

Facebook Friend Jack links to this video of South Carolina congressman Trey Gowdy explaining the charge with passion.

We're still unclear how this is helping the Obama 2012 campaign. Anyone who is committed to voting for Obama in 2012 is a criminal, as Obama has no record to run on and the only reason to vote for him is to get "free stuff".

Anyone committed to voting for Obama in 2012 is a communist. Communists are criminals who turn to government to point a barrel of a gun at producers and force the producers within the society to turn over their wealth to the government for redistribution to the takers.  The "free stuff". Or as Ayn Rand calls them, the looters.

U/T: RightScoop and Jack

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